The Sunday of Saint John Climacus

The sun was just beginning to shine on the mountain peaks as we made our way down the valley to the church of Saint John Climacus.

Saint John passed forty years living in a cave. It was during this time that many turned to him, finding in him a wise and experienced spiritual guide. He was already an old man when he was elected abbot of Sinai. Yielding to the requests of others, he wrote The Ladder of Divine Ascent. Saint John was well versed in the writings on the spiritual life extant in his day. In writing his own guide, there are times when he consciously follows the inheritance he has received. However, there are times when he introduces changes, based on his own experience. When he felt that his time on earth was drawing to a close, he resigned as abbot and returned to his beloved cave.

It was a great blessing to go to the small chapel below his cave with a few others for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy on the Sunday of Saint John Climacus.

1 comment to The Sunday of Saint John Climacus

  • Maria

    Dear Father Justin, Thank you very very much for the recollections of that wise and experienced spiritual guide.
    I always love his sayings about hope!

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