East Wall

The east wall of the monastery a few moments before sunrise

4 comments to East Wall

  • Earlene Schmitt

    Beautiful photo Fr Justin!
    Are there many songbirds in the early morning?
    I have singing cardinals this winter — wonderful to hear their early morning songs!

    • Father Justin

      Towards the end of the morning service we can hear sparrows twittering above the Burning Bush. My favourite birds are the Tristram’s grackles. They make creaking sounds, but they also have a call that is more like a whistle.

  • Maria

    Thanks father Justin
    Such a unique photo !
    Lovely !
    Divine cinematography

  • Seraphim

    A splendid phrase! Speaking of which, Orthodox Arts Journal has a fascinating article about the recent installation of an eikon of S. Katherine in the rather austere chapel of Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.

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