Liturgy at Al Bustan

On the Tuesday after Thomas Sunday, Father Michael celebrated the Liturgy at Al Bustan, a small chapel dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

The Litany of Fervent Supplication

Censing at the Cherubic Hymn

An old fashioned rose was blooming in the garden

The cross over the entrance to the small chapel

5 comments to Liturgy at Al Bustan


    Inspirational photo Father Justin
    The light gradient ascends upward
    with perfect balance, accentuating the cross.


    Antique roses so lovely and appropriate for Mother’s day, and celebrating the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. I love visiting the antique Rose garden in Brenham, TX.

  • Maria

    Perfect photos, once again, thanks Father Justin !!

  • Richard Saloom

    Father Justin, What is the meaning of al Bustan? Is it derived from the Arabic word for garden? Beautiful pictures.

    • Father Justin

      Al Bustan means ‘garden’ or ‘grove’. There was a chapel at the site before the sixth century. It was built at the traditional place where Moses descended with the Ten Commandments.

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