Late Winter Storm

A sudden storm in late February brings bitter cold, high winds, and snow flurries. But a bright patch in the clouds holds promise that the storm will not last long.

In a mystery, mourning, compunction, and tears give birth to consolation and spiritual joy. To express this, Saint John Climacus had to devise new words. He speaks of joy-making mourning (χαροποιὸν πένθος), and of the gladdening sorrow (χαρμολύπη) of holy compunction. He writes, ‘When I consider the actual nature of compunction, I am amazed at how that which is called mourning and grief should contain joy and gladness interwoven within it, like honey in the comb.’

3 comments to Late Winter Storm

  • sr Joanna

    Father Justin, Thank you for finding a way to bring the light of Sinai to a darkened world much in need of it its indescribable beauty.

  • John Mogannam

    Fr. Justin:

    What a beautiful picture. There is still snow on the ground. The bright patch in the clouds bring hope that winter will be over and the bright sun will shine. Just as Christ is our hope and He is the bright light to this world.


    Good bye Father Justin,
    Playing a little bit with your art, amazing, people wrote to me or called me, they are interested in coming in Sinai
    Keep up your great photographs!
    I also love the way you use the language, perfect!

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