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Sinai Spiny Mouse

At the Chapel of Saint Panteleimon, a mouse emerged from crevices in the wall, to collect dried pieces of bread. It would emerge cautiously, pick up a piece of bread, and then dart back into the wall.

This was a Sinai spiny mouse, a native wild mouse with spiny cinnamon coloured fur on its back, and gray to white fur on its underside. Its scientific name is Acomys dimidiatus. From its spiny fur, and short tail, it has been called the mouse hedgehog.

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  • Catherine Fairchild

    It’s so cute! The African spiny mouse (Acomys) is of special interest to researchers in the field of regenerative medicine. Apparently, this type of mouse is the only mammal known to be able to shed its skin to escape predators, then quickly regenerate the missing skin without scarring.

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