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Dreaming of a sparrow snack.


The passageway up from the Burning Bush at dusk.


Passing clouds create patterns of light and shade on the granite cliffs to the north of the monastery.

Bema Windows

Two windows allow light to enter into the bema. On the outside, the vertical stone between the windows has been carved with two outer columns and a central pier, each surmounted by a capital. The central pier supports a cross atop an orb. These were carved in the sixth century.

Buds and Flowers

The Burning Bush continues to bloom even in the autumn.

Wary Sparrows

Wary sparrows on the beam above the Burning Bush.

Back Wall

First sun on the shoots of the Burning Bush spilling over the back wall.

Clouds at Sunset

For a few moments, the clouds reflect the light of the setting sun.

A detailed view of the natural granite arch on the mountain ridge, with a cross mounted above.

Storeroom 25

Advancing shadows at the door to storeroom 25, behind the Burning Bush, as the sun sets behind the mountains.

The Chapel of Saint John the Theologian

The Chapel of Saint John the Theologian in the first sunlight of a new day.