Small Almond Tree

A young almond tree in bloom next to the chapel of Saint Panteleimon. The peak of Mount Saint Catherine is visible in the distance.

5 comments to Small Almond Tree

  • Maria

    Perfect! Very interesting! I have never been to the peak of Mount Saint Catherine. It is my wish one day . . .
    Thanks a lot dear father Justin!

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,
    I am not from an area that has almonds. Articles that describe Almonds in California indicate they need a lot of water. That might be to have optimum nut production.
    Do the Sinai Almonds receive any additional water? Where the almonds planted in their location or was it the chance landing of a nut in the right location?
    Best regards,

    • Father Justin

      We water the trees at the monastery. A Bedouin waters the trees at Saint Panteleimon every now and then. I think almond trees grow best in climates with short cold winters, early spring, and long hot summers.

  • jeremy

    I feel i would flourish in a climate of short cold winters and long hot summers as long as i had the miracle gift called water and the life of contemplation. There is a cherry tree that i have watched grow for sixteen years that was sown by a bird. At first I had it pruned because I thought I ought to, was afraid of criticism. I let it grow and it is a home and food to birds and a sight of bright beauty. Thank you father Justin.

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