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Saint Panteleimon

I was able to spend the first three days of the Fast at the Chapel of Saint Panteleimon. The chapel has been there for many years. A kelli was added adjacent to the chapel about forty years ago. The peak of Mount Saint Catherine is visible in the distance. In the silence of these remote chapels, the day is measured by the arc of the sun, and the night by the passage of the the moon and stars. It was the occasion to step back into the Sinai of centuries ago.

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  • Maria

    Dear father Justin thanks a lot for sharing this heavenly experience with us…
    It’s a great ευλογία!

  • jeremy

    There is a feeling of Presence. The rocks feel very alive but sleepy in your photograph. I wonder if the beautiful blue light appears in the morning and evening. And how cool or dry the breeze is. While the movement of sun and moon and heavens appear to move around there is a stillness there in your photograph.
    Thank you Father Justin.

  • jeremy

    It may be that a fast is a healing, and an icon can be a votive tablet. It has been said that novelty is on a treadmill whereas Imagination is a pilgrim in the world.
    Thank you again.

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