Almond Blossoms 2

3 comments to Almond Blossoms 2

  • jeremy

    I can feel the light on the blossoms. The colour and shadows on the petals from of the yellow stamens is so clear. Thank you.

  • Maria

    Dear father Justin,
    All the photographs are perfect!
    Thanks a lot.

  • Mark Robbins

    The power of spring makes even the smallest plants in the valleys to bud, warming the earth as fire does a cauldron, as that it sends forth the treasures of the plants which God has laid in the earth’s nature, to the joy of creation and to his glory. Likewise Grace makes manifest all the glory which God has hidden in the nature of the soul, showing the soul this glory and making it glad because of its own beauty

    Isaac of Nineveh

    Thank you Fr Justin, once again, for this blog and your beautiful photos

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