Doors to the Trapeza

The doors to the refectory are set with panes of coloured glass.

3 comments to Doors to the Trapeza

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,

    That is an interesting photo. To what time period does the glass in the door date to? Lots of the surrounding parts of the doorway look old, the glass to my eyes looks more recent.

    Best regards,


    • Father Justin

      The monastery refectory dates from the eleventh century, and carved stone door jambs date from that time. The original stairway at the west end must have decayed long ago, and for many years, there was no entrance from that door. The present stairs were installed a few years ago. I suspect the panes of coloured glass date from around the middle of the twentieth century. One day I will photograph the stone carvings around the two doors, and the inscriptions on the limestone arches inside.

  • Maria

    Thanks father Justin for the beautiful colourful photo!

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