Liturgical Scroll

Centuries ago, it was traditional for the priest to read the prayers for the Divine Liturgy from a scroll. A number of these have survived at Sinai. One of them is very worn on the outside, but the inside is still bright and fresh. The words said aloud by the priest are executed in gold, with elaborate opening initials at the beginning of each of the long prayers he reads to himself.

3 comments to Liturgical Scroll

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,
    The workmanship on the scrolls is magnificent. Where were they likely made?
    With Best Regards,
    Richard Saloom

    • Father Justin

      The scroll contains the prayers for the Liturgy of Saint Basil, and has been dated to the twelfth century. It seems the lavish use of gold and the bright pigments of the opening initials would point to Constantinople as the place of origin, but these are just now being studied by scholars.

  • Maria

    It is really magnificent!
    Thanks father Justin!

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