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Prophet Elijah 2022

We climbed to the chapel of the Prophet Elijah to celebrate the Divine Liturgy on his feast day.

The first rays of the sun were reflected on the mountains to the west of the monastery as we made our ascent.

The holy table before the cave of the Prophet Elijah.

The proskomede, the Holy Gifts prepared for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy.

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    Inspiring photo of the mountains Fr Justin! What is the altitude of the chapel area? My friends recently climbed Kilimanjaro mountain — they made it to the peak at 5000 ft!
    Ive climbed Monadonack in NH and it is around 2000 ft altitude.

    • Father Justin

      The summit of Mount Sinai is at 7497 feet altitude. The cave of the Prophet Elijah is at a basin below the summit. Mount Saint Catherine is the highest peak in Egypt, at 8625 feet.


    Amazing Fr Justin! I rem hiking the New England mountains in summer, and by time I reached the peak, my friends and I saw snow, and had to put on winter coats!
    Actually decending Mount Monadonock took more energy than acending. My Weinberg research lab climbed Monadonack as an annual retreat- it was a very enjoyable lab-group activity!

    • Maria

      Divine Liturgy on his feast day . . . So beautiful!
      Miss so much the chapel of the Prophet Elijah, thanks a lot father Justin.
      Pray for us please!

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