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Twisted Almond Tree

I was able to spend the first three days of the fast at the Chapel of Saint Panteleimon. The twisted almond tree at the Chapel of Saint Gregory of Sinai was in full bloom.

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  • Maria

    Thanks father Justin!
    A paradise . . .

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,

    The Almond tree is so interesting. Did the twisting occur naturally or was it aided by people? The flowering of the Almonds remind me so much of our Dogwoods.

    To the right of the Almond tree at ground level there appears to be a structure with a U-bolt and some cordage on top of it. What purpose does it serve?

    With Best Regards,


    • Father Justin

      It seems that someone twisted several saplings together to give the tree more strength. There is a well a short distance from the tree which has water all year long. Once I was sitting on the rocks at a great distance, and I saw several bedouin girls come with their sheep and goats. They drew water from the well, and poured it into a trough for their animals. This is what the seven daughters of Jethro were doing, as it is written in the Book of Exodus.

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