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Almond Blossoms 1

For a few weeks in the spring, the almond trees are covered with beautiful blossoms, and the air is filled with a subtle fragrance.

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  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,

    These are wonderful pictures, your almond pictures are an annual treat.

    The lack of bees was mentioned earlier and I did some web searching on Sinai bees. It was quite interesting, with attempts to have the Jebeliya become beekeepers. Has St. Catherine’s always had an apiary tradition or is this a recent occurrence with wild bees previously doing the pollinating?

    With Best Regards,


    • Father Justin

      Once I was visiting the extensive olive groves that we have at Arbain, the Forty Martyrs. Father Michael showed me a fissure in one of the gnarled tree trunks. Bees had created a hive, and were flying in and out. This year we had more rain than usual, and spring seemed to arrive later. This took its toll on our own beehives.

  • LD

    The Jebeliya are succeeding with their beekeeping and I bring home quite a bit of their honey regularly. It has a unique flavor, tasting more like how the high mountains of Sinai smell, capturing it’s very unique floral blend. It is my favorite honey in the whole world.


    My Grandparent’s farm had a walnut tree that the honeybees had set up a hive. The bees often traveled between a nearby pond and the walnut tree hive.

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