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Almond Tree in Bloom

The almond tree at the edge of the garden is in full bloom, heralding the arrival of springtime in the Sinai.

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  • frances ferguson

    I am presently reading The Sisters of Sinai about two very robust and well travelled ladies in the late 19th century and they spoke often in the book about the almond trees in the garden. Now I can see just how beautiful they are. I was very lucky to have visited the monastery myself several years ago and it was such an interesting experience, but I wish I had known about the Sinai stones at that time. God’s blessings to you all at St Catherines.


    Beautiful photo Fr Justin!
    Are the almond blossoms a primary source of nector for the honeybees in the area? Does the monestary maintain bee hives for honey production? My Great Grandfather was a honey bee keeper.

    • Father Justin

      In past years, there would be thousands of bees swarming over the almond blossoms. Unfortunately, this past winter, the monk in charge of the bees failed to adequately monitor their food supplies, and the bees did not make it through the winter. He wants to start over with new hives.


    Wishing the new hive God’s blessings and much success.
    Your bee and blossom photos from last year were amazing!

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