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Shelter from the Rain

The bell tower and minaret. Rain clouds hang over the surrounding mountains.

A cross carved into the granite ashlars on the west end of the sixth century basilica. If you look at the higher resolution photograph, you can see a pigeon that has taken shelter from the rain.

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  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,

    Does the bell tower lean a bit or is that just an illusion?



    • Father Justin

      I have a level on the camera screen, and always make sure that it is horizontal. Even so, the bell tower always looks like it is leaning. This may be an optical illusion, because each level of the bell tower is slightly recessed, so that if each section is straight, the net effect is that it is not straight.

  • Maria

    Dear father Justin,
    I am thankful to you for these divine photographs!
    Such a tender pigeon … feels safe …

  • jeremy

    The leaning tower effect can be both an optical illusion and an in camera effect. The second is corrected with a shift lens and former is just one of those things- if you stand next to a tall tower or high building with straight walls and look up it can seem like the top is over your head but it is not .
    Architects have tried to comprehend these natural phenomena for millennia and it relates to ideas of beauty on earth and in heaven.
    A camera has one eye .Our two eyes are balls and some people have astigmatism !
    Add to that the presence of time and colour!
    feeling the wind on ones face or heat or cold on the rocks and flowers and other living creature that present.
    It is truly a marvellous Creation and gift. A blessing and a teacher.

  • jeremy

    I like that the pigeon is looking back at you! I wonder if you can watch the low cloud forming or perhaps the mist spinning as it forms.
    Thank you for your photographs Father Justin and for allowing me to sometimes post comments on your blog.

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