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Scattered Rain Clouds

Scattered rain clouds gather over the monastery at dusk.

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  • Maria

    Marvelous congratulations!
    Dear father Justin this photograph is especially beautiful and very unique
    Thanks a lot

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,

    That is a dramatic picture and must be bringing in needed water.

    Noticed the metal roofing. What type of roofing likely preceded this? Was the dormer window something that would have added at the time of the roofing?

    With Best Wishes,


    • Father Justin

      The original roof of the basilica would have been lead, which does not rust. But lead roofs must be maintained, and replaced from time to time. In 1911, the lead was removed, and since the monastery did not have the funds for a new lead roof, it was replaced with the corrugated iron that is visible today. The only lead roof that survives is over the apse with the mosaic. The lead there dates from the eighteenth century. The corrugated iron has held up well in our dry climate. There are plans to replace the lead roof. One suggestion is to install a metal framework that would bear the weight of the lead, not to have the weight resting on the sixth century trusses. These plans remain for the long term.

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