The Tower of the South Wing

The tower of the south wing in the early morning sunlight.

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  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,

    You have taken a wonderful photograph. I assume that there is substantial restoration/modernisation being done on the outside. Is the right interior side kept intentionally in an older style or is it too being changed?

    With best regards,


    • Father Justin

      We have completed the renovation of the library, on the top floor, and the monastic cells below. The former trapeza at ground level is now our digital photography workroom, and the room above will soon become our new icon storage room. The opposite side is awaiting renovation. The top floor with have a seminar room and conservation workshops. Rooms below will include storerooms for the modern printed books, and archival storage for the monastery’s collection of historic vestments.

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,

    Thank you for your reply, I did not realise where the library was located. This helps my understanding of the monastery.

    It must be difficult to figure out how to go about the renovations.



  • Maria

    Congratulations and thanks a lot father Justin !

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