The Chapel of the Burning Bush

Ὁ γὰρ τόπος, ἐν ᾧ σὺ ἕστηκας, γῆ ἁγία ἐστί.

For the place whereon thou standest is holy ground. (Exodus 3:5)

The Chapel of the Burning Bush is the easternmost chapel of the great basilica at Sinai. The walls are lined with beautiful blue faience tiles, and the small apse is set with gold mosaic tessarae. The Holy Table is raised on four marble columns, allowing pilgrims to venerate the place of the Burning Bush beneath.

The Chapel of the Burning Bush is wide, and not very deep. Even my wide angle lens would not be able to take in the entire chapel. This photograph was stitched together from twenty-four overlapping photographs. It captures the subdued light of the chapel even during the day, and the way a few candles and lamps illuminate the small apse.

6 comments to The Chapel of the Burning Bush

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,
    That is a wonderful picture. Do the tiles date to the original construction in the 6th century or is it a later addition. They remind me of various Ottoman tiles.
    With Best Regards,

  • Maria

    Thanks dear father Justin!
    This is my beloved holy place
    And of course all your photos make me very happy
    I am thankful to you

  • Seraphim

    As always I appreciate the Greek text which I have almost memorized. More difficult nowadays but a good mental exercise. Also gives me a painless review of grammar and forms. Great photo too!

  • Mark Robbins

    I would love to see close-up photos of the blue tiles. It appears that there are two different patterns. Thanks you for your photos… always fascinating!

  • Caroline lees

    What a beautiful image Fr Justin. What is the red translucent item beneath the altar? It seems 3D from our viewpoint. Thank you.

    • Father Justin

      Beneath the Holy Table there is a white marble plaque carved with crosses. This has now been covered with embossed silver sheets depicting Saint Catherine and other subjects. Resting on top of this is a round disk also of embossed silver with a depiction of the monastery. In the photograph, this is reflecting the light from the red vigil lamps above.

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