End of the Liturgy

After the celebration of the Divine Liturgy at Bostani, silence again descends on the little chapel.

3 comments to End of the Liturgy

  • Maria

    Unbelievable beauty in this photo !!
    Thanks a lot father Justin , thanks all your photos of Sinai make me so happy

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,
    I remember you going to Bostani a while back and was wondering if the monks of St. Catherine’s make a regular circuit to see the outlying chapels associated with the monastery. Would they be visited on the appropriate feast days or to see how they how are being maintained?
    Best regards,
    Richard Saloom

    • Father Justin

      We try to celebrate the Liturgy on the feast day of each chapel. There are some remote chapels that are only opened one day out of each year.

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