Sunlit Leaves of the Burning Bush

Leaves of the Burning Bush in the noonday sun, in front of the Chapel of the Burning Bush.

4 comments to Sunlit Leaves of the Burning Bush

  • Maria

    So amazing!
    Alive and fresh!
    A perfect photo!

  • Polli

    Il Signore sia con Te. Grazie

  • David Williams

    Dear Father, is there any evidence that St Francis of Assisi visited the monastery of Saint Catherine during his time in the Holy Land? Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Father Justin

      A favorite book is Once to Sinai, by H F M Prescott, published by The Macmillan Company in 1958. It is based on the diary of Friar Felix Fabri, a Dominican from Ulm, Germany, who made the trek from Jerusalem to Sinai with other pilgrims in 1483. The trip was arduous, and dangerous. It seems certain that if Francis of Assisi had come to Sinai, it would not have been forgotten.

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