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Leaves of the Burning Bush

Leaves of the Burning Bush in front of the door that leads to the ancient kitchen.

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  • Maria

    It’s amazing photo
    Thanks father Justin

  • LD

    I love the very obvious symbolism in the leaves of the Burning Bush.

  • Earlene Schmitt

    Beautiful photo Fr Justin!
    I have question about Exodus 33, where God placed Moses in a cleft of the rock, as He passed by. The Babylonian Talmud mentions Moses possibly saw God wearing a crown or a tephillin. It symbolizes that we should carry Gods words with us, everywhere we go. Are there any other texts found verifying this account?

    • Father Justin

      The classic text on this passage is in the Orations of Saint Gregory the Theologian. God as He is in His essence transcends our perception or understanding, even as He reveals His majesty and His glory to those who draw near to Him.

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