Almond Tree in Morning Light

The almond tree at the chapel of Saint Gregory of Sinai in morning light.

4 comments to Almond Tree in Morning Light


    Inspiring photo Fr Justin!
    The Lord expresses his Glory with such magnificent color arrays of blue skies!

  • Annemarie Carr

    Iconic statement of I AM–by the tree itself, by its stark setting, by the one who is manifest in both. Thank you for a compelling image.

  • Karol

    God Almighty bless you dear Father and your community.
    I was twice in Sinai. I have some friends there. God bless them too.
    I wish to come to your monastery. Thank you very much for your pictures.
    Thank God that you live according to God’s Will.
    I wish you grace and help and love from God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Maria Mother of God
    God is great.

  • Maria

    Amazing blue!
    I love this color of Sinai thanks father Justin !

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