Chapel of the Forerunner

In March, I was able to spend the first three days of the fast at the Chapel of Saint Panteleimon. I took the occasion to open the Chapel of Saint John the Forerunner, which is nearby. I had never been inside before.

The old door was of wood. When it became dilapidated, some entered and left their initials scratched on the plaster wall. We now have a metal door in place. The walls were whitewashed a few years ago, leaving the three apses at the front, which had painted decorations.

The Holy Table is carved from a massive block of granite. The top has been recessed to leave a moulding around the edges, a sign of its antiquity.

In the years I have been here, no one has celebrated the Liturgy in this little chapel. Perhaps this year it might be possible.

2 comments to Chapel of the Forerunner

  • Seraphim

    The last image reminds me of that Syrian prayer of farewell to the altar at the end of liturgy. Quite lovely!

  • Annemarie Carr

    There is a special hush about entering a space no one has entered for a long time–not so much because you’re alone, but because you’re not alone. Thanks for giving me that sense of presence.

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