Passing clouds create patterns of light and shade on the granite cliffs to the north of the monastery.

3 comments to Patterns

  • Maria

    Love the colour of the sky in Sinai
    Amazing photos , once again
    Thanks a lot , father Justin


    Such beautiful composition of light and sky over the mountains Fr Justin!
    Reminds me of Mount Monadonack in New Hampshire. I used to hike w my research/ Weinberg lab every year. Easier for me to hike up Monadonack, than climbing down. I was so tired climbing down but still had to have energy to finish the journey!

  • Nathalie Beaux-Grimal

    Ever surprising mountains ! You can watch everyday and every day is different and awakening new praises in our hearts!
    Thank you so much for these breaths of Sinai flowing down to us…

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