Ruined Walls

Ruined walls of ancient kellia on the north face above the monastery.

A detail of the photograph.

5 comments to Ruined Walls

  • Mark Robbins

    Are there any estimates of how many cells like this were in the monastery neighborhood?

    • Father Justin

      The only comprehensive study is Monastic Settlements in South Sinai in the Byzantine Period: The Archaeological Remains, by Uzi Dahari, published in 2000. The author made photographs and reconstructions of every monastic site. He estimates that at its peak, between the seventh and ninth centuries, there were six hundred monks living in the whole of the South Sinai peninsula.

  • Maria

    Very interesting! Thanks father Justin

  • Vera Alex

    Thank you, very important information! Thanks to you, Father Justin, we are studying the history of Christianity in Sinai. Faith and Friends

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