Bema Windows

Two windows allow light to enter into the bema. On the outside, the vertical stone between the windows has been carved with two outer columns and a central pier, each surmounted by a capital. The central pier supports a cross atop an orb. These were carved in the sixth century.

4 comments to Bema Windows

  • Maria

    Very beautiful! I like the shadows on it
    Thanks a lot !

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,
    It is is a beautiful photograph. When I look closely at the picture, on the bottom appears to be a metal corrugated roof. Is it that and a modern addition or am I misinterpreting the picture? If it is a modern addition, what would the original have been?

    • Father Justin

      The original lead roof was removed in 1911, and replaced with corrugated tin, except for the roof over the apse mosaic. The corrugated tin has held up, because of the dry climate here. There are plans to replace the corrugated tin with lead, but that would be a complicated task.

  • Michelle Brown

    lovely shot, so many intriguing little sculptural details around the buildings there, thank you for sharing, fr Justin.

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