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Clouds at Sunset

For a few moments, the clouds reflect the light of the setting sun.

A detailed view of the natural granite arch on the mountain ridge, with a cross mounted above.

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    These are awe-inspiring photos Fr Justin!
    I truly believe God speaks to us through such beautiful displays of Nature – the natural rock formations and color gradients of the sky. Enjoyed being able to see the planet Mars this eve! Dr Hugh Ross says his family not only gives thanks for the earth, but also for other planets which have been found to play supportive roles, in the fine tuning for life on earth.

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin,

    These are amazing photographs. I appreciate you sharing them with us.

    Richard Saloom

  • Seraphim

    Stat Crux dum volvitur orbis is the expression that first came to mind when I viewed these wonderful pics. As always much appreciated.

  • Maria

    Thanks a lot Father Justin! Perfect …
    Amazing photos

  • Jim Crum

    Wow, the first image is terrific.

    It is almost like Maxfield Parrish painting.

    Right time
    Right place
    Right light
    Right color
    Right textures


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