Whitewashed Wall

When the sun strikes the outside wall of the Chapel of the Holy Apostles at an oblique angle, a few moments before it goes into shadow, the many layers of paint come into sharp relief. I have photographed this wall many times. Here is yet another photograph.

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  • Richard Saloom

    Father Justin, Have the shades of paint in the monastery varied much over the years?

    • Father Justin

      Simple whitewash is stark white when it is fresh, and then it weathers to a more ivory colour. Newer parts of the monastery are painted in subdued colours to blend in with the many existing shades. My favourite parts of the monastery are the oldest parts, which also means that they are the most vulnerable. It seems important to photograph them as they are now, before the inevitable restoration.

  • Richard Saloom

    Father Justin, Thank you for your reply. Is there any reference that shows the original structures of the monastery (as far as is known) and then a timeline for the construction of additional buildings/additions? I understand your concern for retaining a record of what the Monastery currently looks like, it is a jewel of early church art and architecture.

    • Father Justin

      Petros and Marina Koufopoulos are both architectural historians who have studied the history and the structures of the monastery for many years. They are preparing a book for publication that will show reconstructions of the site as it might have looked in the fourth century, in the sixth, and in subsequent times. The book is scheduled for publication later this year. It will be an important volume, and we look forward to its publication.

  • Elizaveta

    Father Justin, hello! When can I come to the monastery? When will it be opened for pilgrims?

    • Father Justin

      The decision is not entirely ours, but must be made in conjunction with the authorities. There have been discussions about how this could be done safely, and when. I will let you know when the time comes.

  • Maria

    Thanks a lot father Justin!
    Still feel happy to see all the photos of Sinai!

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