Clouds After Rain

In the middle of March, it rained for three days. This is quite rare for Sinai, but it was very much needed. All of our water comes from natural aquifers that are replenished by winter rains. Afterwards, there were low lying clouds over the mountains ranged on either side of the monastery.

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    Beautiful photo Fr Justin!
    Do the gardeners put up rain-barrels to collect rainwater for the garden?

    • Father Justin

      We have several large cisterns that fill with water when it rains. There are also several wells throughout the garden. In the past, there were cantilevered buckets to draw up the water. This was used to fill stone water tanks, from which the garden was irrigated. Today we use the same tanks, but we fill them with electric pumps.


        Facinating Fr Justin. What are the most favored plants to grow in the Sinai climate?
        Ive always wanted to grow hazelnut tree in Texas, but I’ve been told pecan trees thrive more favorably. What a mystery!

        • Father Justin

          Many almond trees grow in the area. I see that almond trees do well at very specific temperature ranges. We grow many fruit trees in our own garden, for apples, apricots, figs, table grapes, and mulberries. We have prickly pears. We also grow lettuce and other salad greens. Tomatoes and cucumbers and melons are all brought from the Nile delta or Upper Egypt these days.


            What variety Fr Justin, that is wonderful! Mulberry is one of my favorite trees! Logees CO sells a dwarf mulberry tree, that can grow in large planter, I may try it!

  • Maria

    Another beautiful photo
    Thanks father Justin

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