Yet More Almond Blossoms

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  • Conchita Bambilla

    It is amazing how God’s creation co-exist even in the simplest form like the flowers and the bees. Flowers provide nectar to the bees while the bees serve as pollinators to the plants. Thanks for these photos Father Justin!! A lovely reminder how God loves us so much.


    Amazing photos Fr Justin!
    The focus resolution is perfect
    And the colors so lovely. God’s color pallet of Nature is such a gift to behold and appreciate. And the complexity of how we are gifted to perceive colors, makes it all the more amazing! Dr Ted Wensel and Dr Wilson next to my research lab, study the eye cells that perceive color, and their work has given me a deeper appreciation for God’s intricate design!

  • Maria

    Unbelievably beautiful photos!
    Thanks Father, in the time of the corona virus.

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