East Wall in Sunlight

In February, the east wall comes into sunlight in the middle of the afternoon, and then about twenty minutes later, the sun sets behind the high mountains. This photograph was taken during those fleeting moments. The door in the wall leads to the kelli above.

3 comments to East Wall in Sunlight

  • Richard Saloom

    Hello Father Justin, as always an interesting picture. I have a few questions, there are posts extending out the wall–did they support a platform or structure? The material between the stones seems a bit different, almost like some of the insulating foam that you can buy, what exactly is it? Your photographs always are a wonderful documentation of the 21st century appearance of St. Catherine’s.

    • Father Justin

      The posts protruding from the wall are floor beams for rooms within the walls. You see this in buildings made with adobe in the American Southwest. Several years ago, the mortar between the stones was crumbling. We rebuilt parts of the wall, and repointed the mortar for the entire wall. That is why it looks new.


    Beautiful photo Father Justin!
    The lighting is perfect, and the sky such a beautiful color of blue. I think I see green colored jasper stones also, in the rock mortar, to left of the upper post?
    My Grandparents’ house was made all of exterior rock with mortar — beautiful design!

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