Arrow Slit Window

An arrow slit window in the sixth century wall. These windows are narrow on the outside, and wider on the inside, allowing an archer to shoot arrows at an enemy, with little chance of being struck himself.

4 comments to Arrow Slit Window

  • Richard Saloom

    Dear Father Justin, Did St. Catherine’s ever undergo a siege or depredation during its history?

    • Father Justin

      Never a serious siege. When the Persians sacked Jerusalem in 614, it wasn’t worth their time to cross the desert to come here. When Arab rule came to the area, they respected the monastery. The Crusaders took Eilat, but only came here as pilgrims. And so it has been through the history of the monastery.

  • Maria

    Very important what you said, Father Justin!
    By the way, it reminds me of something in Sinai
    But still do not know where this is!

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