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Trapeza Bell in Snow

A layer of snow settles around the base of the trapeza bell.

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  • Maria

    Warmth in the snow !!
    Very unique!
    Such a beautiful photograph!
    Thanks father Justin !

  • Richard Saloom

    Father Justin,
    How often does it snow at St. Catherine’s? Since it is in the coldest area of Egypt, how was the monastery traditionally heated? I imagine, wood would be in short supply for fuel. I always enjoy your photographs.

    • Father Justin

      The monastery is at about 5000 feet elevation, so we do get snow in winter, but usually only once or twice. There is no wood in the area to burn for fuel, so getting through the winter in years past must have required a resolve and determination. The Elder Paisios wrote that during his time at the hesychasterion of Saints Galakteon and Episteme, he would add an extra spoonful of sugar to his tea, to compensate for the cold.


    Beautiful photo Father Justin! The engraving seems to have birds and botanical pattern, is it symbolic of Tree of Life?

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