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Midnight Office

The icon of Christ at the beginning of the Midnight Office.

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  • Anna Courey

    Father, is that Iconostasis made up of pure gold giving off the copper hue lighting? Also, is there an angel painted beside Christ in that icon, or is that a reflection? Very beautiful!

    • Father Justin

      The iconostasis at Sinai was carved on Crete and installed in the eighteenth century. The background of the carving was painted vermilion, and the highlights decorated with gold leaf. The gilding is especially beautiful in the night services, when the church is lit by a few lamps and candles. In the icon, Christ is vested as King of Kings and Great High Priest. He is seated upon a throne that is borne by the four living creatures, described in the first chapter of Ezekiel. Very early, in the Church, these were associated with the four Evangelists: Matthew (the angel), Mark (the lion), Luke (the ox), and John (the eagle). It is the depiction of the Angel that is visible in the photograph.

  • Maria

    I do agree! Especially beautiful in the night, when the church is lit by a few lamps …
    Very beautiful. Thanks again, Father, for the lovely unique photographs

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