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Sunrise in Summertime

In the summer, the sun rises far to the north. The first rays of sunlight shine on the valley above the hesychasterion of Saints Galakteon and Episteme. A grackle perches on top of the highest cross of the bell tower.

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  • Maria

    Lovely picture
    Thanks Father Justin

  • Mark

    How much of a temperature change is there from dawn to the peak of the day? Beautiful photo, Father Justin, as always

    • Father Justin

      I see that temperatures now range from a high of 91 in the day to 66 at night, a difference of 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The monastery is located at an elevation of 5,203 feet. Because of the altitude, temperatures even in August rarely exceed the mid-90s. And because there is so little humidity, as soon as the sun sets, temperatures drop, so that evenings and early mornings are pleasant.

      • Mark

        Fascinating! Thank you for your blog and these photographs. I can only hope to one day visit and experience this incredible place!

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