Storks Migrating

On March 11, just at sunset, a thousand storks flew high overhead, migrating north for the summer.

A detail of the third photograph at full resolution.

Storks spend the winter in Africa, from Kenya and Uganda all the way to South Africa. They migrate north for the summer, spreading across an area from the Caspian Sea to the Baltics. They avoid flying over the Mediterranean, because the air thermals on which they soar do not form over water. Their major migration route takes them directly over the Sinai peninsula.

3 comments to Storks Migrating

  • Maria

    Beautiful and very interesting !
    I did not know that ..
    Thanks a lot Father Justin
    It’s a unique photo

  • Richard Saloom

    I remember being near Hagia Sophia and seeing flocks of storks flying overhead. I imagine that scene would have been the same as when Justinian built it and St. Catherine’s. Thank you Father for the picture.

  • patsy

    In the Maryland countryside spring is bringing birds…..the red headed woodpecker lets us know he’s around.

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