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Stairway in the New Library

Two stairways at opposite corners lead up to the balcony level.

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  • Maria

    Happy New Year!
    Amazing Art of photographing !

  • Richard Saloom

    The library is so modern and well lit. What did the previous library look like and is it used for another purpose or was it razed? Also, what type of fire protection is used in a library like this?

    • Father Justin

      The manuscripts and printed books were placed into storage in September, 2009. The library building was stripped back to its core structure. It was then reinforced, and renovated to its present state. The work was completed in September, 2017, after which I began to move all of the manuscripts and printed books into their new quarters. We have a very advanced fire protection system. If a fire is detected, the room is flooded with inert gas. This reduces the oxygen content of the room, and extinguishes the fire.

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