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Inside the Chapel at the Peak

A beautiful candelabra of blue and clear glass hangs in the middle of the chapel at the peak of Mount Sinai.

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    Thank you Father Justin for showing to us this holy place,

    do you have a closer pic of the glass candelabra?

    • Father Justin

      If you click any of the photos, the higher resolution version will download at screen size. Click that, and you will see the photo at full resolution. You can study the details of the glass candelabra. You can even see a few cobwebs on the wood carving behind it.


    Indeed in higher resolution it can be seen a Venetian style glass blown crystal chandelier, perhars from the glass workshops of the Murano island.

  • Schick

    Wonderful! Dear brother in Jesus I hope you all are well. We would love to come again to this special place! In Christo Alexander from Germany

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