Chapel of Saint John the Forerunner

The Chapel of Saint John the Forerunner, on the high Sinai plateau. It is a short distance from the Chapel of Saint Gregory of Sinai. The tree to the left is a Sinai hawthorn (Crataegus sinaica).

3 comments to Chapel of Saint John the Forerunner

  • James Snapp Jr

    I have not seen this in any pictures of the main part of the monastery. How far away is the high Sinai plateau from the main walled part?

    By the way, the microfilm pictures that were taken under the supervision of Kenneth W. Clark, around 1950, have finally been released by the Library of Congress in digitized form online. To all members of the community of Saint Catherine’s, thank you.

    • Father Justin

      It is about a two hour climb to the Chapel of the Prophet Elias, and another hour from there to the Chapel of Saint John the Forerunner.

  • Maria

    I know it, I saw the chapel 2 years ago
    It was very important for me..

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