Twisted Almond Tree at Sunrise

The almond tree growing next to the Chapel of Saint Gregory of Sinai, on the high Sinai plateau, has a gnarled and twisted trunk. The location can be cold and windy. Even so, it manages to bloom every spring.

4 comments to Twisted Almond Tree at Sunrise

  • Maria

    Fantasic, looks very beautiful, oh yes I know the tree..
    Thanks Father Justin.
    See you

  • doumé baron

    Father Justin,
    Trying to look for details of this beautiful tree, I noticed there is a bucket quite close to it, on the 2nd picture.
    Is it a well, covered by wood boards ? If so; it explains why this tree is there, it has roots in the moist ground !
    Thank you so much for your beautiful pics. Take care of you.

    • Father Justin

      The almond tree grows next to a well that is covered by wooden boards, with a bucket for drawing up water. The area is surrounded by a wall, though parts of it are now in ruins. There must have been a garden at the site centuries ago.

  • Σοφία

    DoxaTo Theo ☦☦☦ for all his beauty and grace in nature!, esp during Holy Week! I’ve never been there but God willing someday
    Kali Anastasi ! Kalo Pasxa

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