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Theophany 2017

In 1885, the monastery sponsored the construction of a church and school for the Greek community at Raithou, on the coast of the Red Sea. The church was constructed opposite the traditional site of the fourth century monastery where forty monks were martyred in the year 373.

The icons and the iconostasion were brought from Russia. Father Arsenios has done much to adorn the church in recent years.

Many faithful gather for the celebration of Theophany, the Baptism of Christ. Following the Divine Liturgy, we read the Prayers for the Great Blessing of the Waters at a domed shrine in the middle of the courtyard.

From there, we go to the shores of the Red Sea just across the street, where we read the Gospel for the feast, and throw the cross into the water three times. It is retrieved by young men of the parish.

The passage of the Children of Israel through the Red Sea is a type of baptism (I Corinthians 10:2). It seems significant to return to the Red Sea on the feast of the Baptism of Christ.

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  • Maria

    I have never been there , thank you very much for the photographs

  • Patsy

    what a lovely way of hearing the echo of the Passage through the red sea in the Baptism of christ.

  • Vasile Calin Dragan

    Hello, dear Father Justin and all the brotherhood of Saint Catherine the Great Martyr of Mount Sinai Monastery!
    We, the members of Saint Catherine Church from Alba Iulia – Romania started – for Our Lord Mercy – to paint our church’s blessed walls, for Saint Catherine’s prayers – and for thy prayers – very little time ago! We are so happy!
    Please pray for the fundraises go well so the painting will be finished, as God wishes, in time!
    Please pray for our Priests: Father Nicolae Popescu and Father Nicolae Calin Ignat and for all the members of our Church – „Saint Catherine the Great” from Alba Iulia!

  • Vasile Calin Dragan

    I also want to mention the name of the head iconographer – he is Father Damianos – priest from Romania and blessed iconoghapher of our Church. He works with his team members – a true gifted team (he has in his team his own two twin sons) and they are doing a great work so far, for thy prayers! I love the coincidence of our head iconographer name to your Blessed Archbishop Damianos – May God save us all for his Eminence’s prayers and for Saints Cosmas and Damian’s prayers!

  • Hieromonk Nektarios

    Thank you very educational

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