Feast of Saint Catherine 2016

Many pilgrims were present this year for the feast of Saint Catherine. Bishop Joachim came from Jerusalem, and Bishop Nicholas from Alexandria, together with other clergy. Chanters came from Greece and Egypt, and were joined by members of the community.

The vigil began at eight o’clock in the evening, and went on through the night, concluding at five o’clock in the morning.

All the lamps were lit, and the shrine containing the relics of Saint Catherine was adorned with beautiful embroidered covers.

Father Bartholomeos from Jerusalem before the holy table during vespers.

The blessing of the loaves at vespers. They were flavoured with mastika, machlepi, cardamon, and anise. Each pilgrim was presented with a loaf at the end of the service.

Father Nephon begins proskomede.

The right choir.

The left choir.

The shrine of Saint Catherine is visible through the central gate of the iconostasion.

The silver lamp before the icon of the All-holy Theotokos.

Bishop Joachim (on the right) represented the Patriarch of Jerusalem, and Bishop Nicholas represented the Patriarch of Alexandria. Archbishop Damianos was present, but remained at the choir during the Liturgy.

Bishop Joachim blessing the faithful with the three- and two-branched candlesticks.

The Divine Liturgy concluded at five o’clock in the morning. It was still dark when we had the procession around the church with the relics of Saint Catherine.

2 comments to Feast of Saint Catherine 2016

  • Patsy

    In january i will talk to students at my old school, St. Catherine’s, about the beauty of your monastery…..so perfectly depicted in these photos.

  • Maria

    Once again so beautiful an environment all the creation of your photos, oh congratulation Father Justin, I love them, good night from the Cairo airport

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