The Archbishop’s Throne in Saint Iakovos

The eighteenth century Archbishop’s throne in the chapel of Saint Iakovos. It’s leaning a bit. The light reflects off the hand planed mahogany, and the turned dowels and knobs.

2 comments to The Archbishop’s Throne in Saint Iakovos

  • Richard Saloom

    With all of the extremely old furniture and buildings at St. Catherine’s, how is it kept up? After hundreds of years, even minimal usage must be tough on items like this throne. I imagine the dryness would be a mixed blessing.

    Does the monastery have dedicated workshops and craftsmen?

    • Father Justin

      The dry and stable climate helps. The furniture was made of thick timbers with traditional joinery, and it has held up very well. On the arm rests of the stasidia where the chanters stand, the varnish has been rubbed away over the years. I will try to photograph details.

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