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The Feast of Saint Catherine 2015

This year many hundreds of pilgrims came to the monastery for the feast of Saint Catherine. Bishop Theophylaktos represented the Patriarch of Jerusalem. Bishop Meletios and Bishop Nicholas represented the Patriarch of Alexandria. They were joined by clergy and pilgrims from Greece, Georgia, and Russia.

Bishop Meletios presided at vespers.

On the feast of Saint Catherine we bless special loaves imprinted with a seal depicting the saint. The loaves are flavoured with cinnamon and mastic. On the day they are baked, the whole monastery is filled with a subtle fragrance of cinnamon.

All of the lamps are lit.

The largest silver candelabra is lit during the singing of the doxology.

Bishop Theophylaktos took the first place for orthros and the celebration of the Divine Liturgy.

The service concluded with a procession of the relics of Saint Catherine around the church. Prayers were said at each of the four corners, that God would protect and bless the members of the community and all the pilgrims, and that he would hold in remembrance those who have gone to their rest.

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  • Katherine

    I feel included in this celebration. Thank you for the privilege of witnessing this holy time.

  • Ariadna (Arja) Friman

    We Friends of Siinai monastery here in Finland are very grateful to see these photos of the Feast. We visited 3 “metohi” of Siinai monastery in Crete in the end of October 2015.
    Our pilgrimage group was followed by Lintula sisters as well. If God bless us, we try to come next feast in 2016.
    Bless us father!
    With kind regards Arja Friman

  • eliza

    Many thanks for the photos! A blessing for all the people that wished, but could not be there in those days.

  • Viktor

    Truly, a window into heaven.

  • Mihaela

    Very beautiful feast! If possible, please, post more photos from vesper and procession. Many thanks. Evloghite, father!

  • Michael Edens

    What a joy to find this blog. In the 1990s I led small groups of Cairo residents to visit St. Catherine’s Monastery one of the wonders and treasures of the Sinai. Father Justin shared his passion and knowledge with us in the midst of his demanding schedule. What a blessing!

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