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The Chapel of Saint John the Theologian

The small chapel at the northwest corner of the monastery is dedicated to Saint John the Theologian. Father Michael celebrated the Divine Liturgy there on September 26, one of the two feast days of the saint. (The other is May 8.)

As I was bringing the service books, I saw the moon and the morning star shining in the sky, which glowed with the first light of a new day.

The chapel has a simple iconostasion, with lamps above and candles in front of the principal icons.

A pierced lamp allows the light to shine through the resulting patterns. Tiny bubbles in the hand blown glass catch the light.

The ceiling is made of wood. Moulding strips divide the ceiling into squares, each set with a wooden star. A silver candelabrum hangs in the centre of the ceiling. The stars around it have been painted silver.

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