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The Chapel of the Dormition of the All-holy Theotokos

The Archbishop’s chapel is dedicated to the Dormition of the All-holy Theotokos. For the feast day itself, all the monastery clergy concelebrated in the basilica. Father Michael celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the little chapel a few days later, within the octave of the feast.

The principal icons on the iconostasion date from the seventeenth century. They are adorned with silver haloes.

Reading the Holy Gospel

After the Gospel, the service continues with the Litany of Fervent Supplication

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  • catherine doroschin

    When I went to Holy Land in 1986 I was unable to go to the Mount Sinai Monastery due to lack of time (I was still working). I have heard a lot about this Holy -place aand I like to help with a small donation that I will send very soon .
    I am now 85 years old and with poor vision and I am so sorry that in my younger years I have not been in this Very Holy place. I am of Russian Orthodox Faith.

  • eliza

    Evloghite! I had a big surprise to find this blog after 3-4 days since I left the St Catherine Monastery. Unfortunately, like as usual, I did not have time to visit more Holy Chapels or to talk with Father Justin. Thanks God we had a blessing from him when we left. Maybe next time we will visit the Library if it is allowed. Till then, all the best wishes for all the people from monastery and I will follow your posts, Eliza from Romania

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