A Classic View from the Steps

On descending the traditional steps from the peak of Mount Sinai, the monastery comes into view far below, framed by the mountains to either side.

In the late afternoon, the steps are already in shadow, while the monastery and the mountains beyond remain in sunlight.

The same view from an early twentieth century glass plate negative preserved in the Matson Photograph Collection at the Library of Congress.

An attempt to match the glass plate photograph. We weren’t standing in the exact same place, but the similarities are striking.

4 comments to A Classic View from the Steps

  • Baron Doumé

    Wonderful pictures !
    Comparing with the old one, I gladly see, the monastery now has a nice row of big trees which bring shade and life !

  • Vasile Calin Dragan


    Greetings from Saint Catherine Orthodox Curch of Alba Iulia, Romania. Please remember us in your prayers. God Bless your Igoumenos Holy Father Archbishop Damianos and your holy brotherhood of Saint Catherine of Sinai Monastery.

  • Vasile Calin Dragan

    Holy Father Justin please pray to our Mother Theotokos for us! We are now tryind to find a good painter four our huge church that our community has built in the past 20 years, protected by Saint Catherine of Sinai. Please help us with your prayers in order to find a good iconographer with experience and high grace from our Lord. We have already built and paid the painting of the Iconostasis. Thak you for your intercessions to Saint Catherine!

  • Vasile Calin Dragan

    * Thank you for your intercessions to Saint Catherine!

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