Sinai Rock Hermitage

A massive granite boulder has a natural cavity beneath it. Centuries ago, hermits found refuge here. Parts of a stone wall are still in place at the entrance, a shelter from the strong winds that sweep through the area in the winter and spring.

Among these there was a number of solitary monks who shut themselves up in caves, and among them was one who was called Solomon; he was a chaste and humble man, and unto him was given the gift of patient endurance. He used to say that he had passed fifty years in the cave, during which time he had fed himself by means of his labour, and he could repeat the Scriptures by heart.

Histories of the Holy Men by Palladius, chapter 53, translated from the Syriac by E A W Budge, The Paradise of the Holy Fathers, vol. 1 (London: Chatto & Windus, 1907), p. 180.

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