Chapel of the Prophet Aaron

The Chapel of the Prophet Aaron is a short distance to the west of the monastery. We celebrate the Liturgy there on the Sunday before the feast of the Nativity of Christ, when commemoration is made of all the ancestors of Christ, as well as the prophets and prophetesses.

The service begins when it is still fairly dark, the chapel lit by lamps and candles.

In the course of the service, the new day arrives, and light begins to enter through the side window.

Towards the end of the Divine Liturgy, a beam of sunlight enters through the east window. In the middle of winter, the sun rises far to the south, and the sunbeams enter the window at an angle.

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    I remember that cold day. I love it.I just want to breath there, just to feel, just pray..words are not necessary for me.
    You have an artistic temperament Father

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